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Alaska Winter Weather Forecasting Course

November 8-10, 2015 Sat – Mon 2 1/2 days at A.P.U.

$500.00  Class limited to 15 participants

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Course Description:

This course will focus primarily on winter weather forecasting in Alaska. It will benefit anyone with a strong interest in weather and forecasting, but will be most beneficial to personnel involved in making mission-critical weather forecasts in mountainous terrain. This course will begin with some general meteorology as a foundation for understanding of how the atmosphere works. Orographics and how the mountains interact with the weather will be explored in-depth. Students will learn how to read and interpret all pertinent weather maps and computer models, with an emphasis on products available for Alaska. There will be map reading and forecasting exercises each day to give the students hands-on experience.

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Alaska Avalanche School is to provide exceptional experience-based snow avalanche safety education to all users of the mountain environment.






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 Avalanches are a major component in the mountains of Alaska. Most avalanches affecting people, are triggered by people. Therefore, the goal of AAS education is to increase backcountry users awareness and reduce exposure to avalanche conditions. Since proficiency is born out of experience, AAS emphasizes intensive, hands-on field training at all of our major workshops. Students will have the opportunity to participate in small group sessions focusing on snow science, avalanche environment detection, route selection, and rescue scenarios.